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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

And she lived happily ever after......I've learnt heaps but will I remember how to do it all???? I enjoyed most of the exercises, some were confusing, frustrating and others were awesome. Sometimes the directions had too many links & I just kept on clicking away & forgot what I was suppose to find, although, maybe that was the point??? I never realised how much technology was out there, the program helped me expanded my knowledge in technologies that I would have otherwise continued to ignore. My favourites were Image Generators, Rollyo, Zoho Writer and I went nuts in YouTube. If there were just 1 activity per week for 23 weeks that would have given me more time to play & really understand what I was discovering. I didn't get a chance to do any of this at work because I'm a part timer, with short shifts and no off desk time, so all of this was done at home. Trying to find the time with all the other work I do was a challenge on its own, but I did it. May the force be with you.


I explored World eBook Fair and listened to a few eaudiobooks. I have to agree with fellow participant 'Challenge Me' I also don't know who is scarier the American accent or the computer voice. I hope Jess doesn't come back with an Amnerican accent but I talk and see her on Skype regularly and the accent is pure Aussie OiOiOi.


Podcasts will be useful if you missed an interview on TV or radio. Searching for a particular podcasts is just like a web search. Could be handy in the library as an instructional guide. There isn't a lot of Aussie stuff. I went in searching for book reviews and found this.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007


YouTube is the best known of the Web 2.0, but you have to be selective there's a lot of garbage out there. So many things you can see, really its a whole heap of video clips ranging from home movies to professional editing. Fellow participant Koo found a good 1 Captain Jack Sparrow bringing Sexy Back. Any Mustang fans out there I love this commercial.

For inspiration viewing check this site, then read an article relating to the video about the strongest dad in the world.

But on a lighter note have a look at the video clip bellow.

Friday, January 12, 2007

Web 2.0 Awards

300 to 500 Web2.0 tools so far on the internet!!!!!!! does a hardware store carry this many tools??????? My kids use myspace which is a great way for them to communicate especially when they are spread around the globe - came in 3rd in the Social Networking section. I'm going to add Web 2.0 award list to my favouites, but if you're impatient and want to check it out now, go for it.


I like Helene Blowers tips on the uses for Zoho Writer. I know my way around Word so I mucked about in Demo User and I can see potential use here for me. I created, get, another account. This will be handy if i log on to someone else's computer and they don't have a certain program or and older version, it won't matter. Also I don't have to carry (or should I say 4get) my memmory stick around.

Sandbox Wiki

And I thought I was going outside to the sandbox to build sand castles.......This was like creating another blog though it was interesting to read people's comments about their favourite restaurant, book, tv show etc. I added my blog to the Aussie favouite list.

Thursday, January 11, 2007


Wikis sounds like something from Star Wars.. Wiki is where people publish their own views/informations and in some cases the research will not be accurate because others can edit the data and give you false information. In some of the sites you can get sidetracked with all the added links on just one page. But on the other hand you can obtain a prethora of extra information on a particular topic, rather than having a huge table of books spread everywhere you now just need one screen. I think that the Wiki at Princton Public Library is great for a reader's review space so that anyone can add their bit to it.

Web 2.0, Library 2.0 & the future of libraries

Embracing new technology is the right direction for libraries to go. Libraries will have to move forward or be swept out. There are so many ways of obtaining information via the web, it's mind boggling. I read all five perspectives and wow. I can envisage the non-fiction decreasing in volume on the shelves but what will happen to the fiction???? I only hope that all this new technology doesn't become 'lost in space' for the older and not so old generation......

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

It will definitely be handy to access your bookmarks on any computer with a account. I know that tagging will become second nature to me the more I use it. Anyhow I've set up my account and added a few tags. I've added a friend to my network and now I can view her favourites.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Technorati Thing

This thing makes no sense to me.... Way over my head..... I'm not sure what I've done..... I think I've claimed a blog and added a tag..... If you find it, as some one else once or twice said "please explain" how I did it..... Hopefully I didn't break anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hey I like this because I can hone my search to just a few web sites in which I always search in for up-to-date news of Aussie players in USA who are playing basketball in college. Click here to check out some recent articles about Jessica Bearzatto and her progress in US college

Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Library Thing

Opened a Library Thing account and entered a small list of the lastest books I've read. A great site for people to keep track of what you've read. No more loosing your hand written list or getting half way through a book and realising, you've read it!! Click here to see my wee little dogalog

Week 5 Online Image Generator

Must have new read, best seller from MaMa Bearz. Learn most frequently used words, common foreign words, quotations from literature, slang words and much much more to assist you in making work fun...a must for all smart arses
Available first week of February 2007, wherever good book are sold!!!!

Week 4 RSS & Newsreaders

I've set up a blogline for men's college basketball but sadly there wasn't one for women's :-(....Went back and searched again and found the women's site so now I'm :-)